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Toy Shopping: - IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit

by Geoff

Click to buy IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit from Amazon!IlluStory Make Your Own Story Kit

Our rating

This is a surprisingly popular piece of kit. essentially your kids write their own story add some pictures and then they pop it in the post.
Wait a few days or so.....and then the postman delivers a professionally made hard back book written by your kids,
just like you would buy at the store.

Watch the delight on their faces as they open the returned parcel and look at and feel the finished book.
This product is just great for those budding authors in your family, but don't think it's just for them...all kids will enjoy this too!

Kids really love this as it is unique because each storybook is obviously different (they wrote it after all!)and they will be so proud of what they have achieved.
They will want to show all the family and their friends too.
They can soon build up a library of their own.
Even get a copy for their Grandparents.

A cool and wonderful piece of kit, one you will not regret buying.

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