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Toddler won't eat

by Sue

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who won't eat. She drinks a lot and will drink milk from a bottle. If we attempt to get her to sit at the table and eat with us she screams.
I am worried she will be hungry . What can i do?

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by: Anonymous

Hi my toddler went through a stage like this as well.
I found the more worried i got the less he ate.
In the end my partner and I decided to relax and just carry on as normal.
I would make him a very small portion of whatever we were having as a meal and offer him this. If he ate it great, if not it didn't matter.
After a couple of months he started to eat properly
We also had fun in the kitchen and made biscuits and cakes.
When I was cooking I gave my son playdoh. I made playdoh in many colors and got safe playdoh cutters and things for him to play with.

Toddler Eating
by: parenting-our-kids

Firstly, don't worry your toddler will not starve herself.

This is a common time for toddlers and carers to get into battles over food.
Remain calm and don't get into fights. Serve up meals as you usually do and offer very small portions to your toddler.

Don't offer other alternatives unless your toddler clearly has a problem with a food.
keep healthy snacks at hand; for example fruit, that you can offer between meals.
Try to cut down on the milk drinks a little, as these probably fill your toddler up.
Make meal times fun and peaceful, remiove your toddler from the table to her room if she won't stop screaming at mealtimes.

Remain in control and remind yourself at all times you are the parent and you are doing all the right things.
You could try inviting a little friend who does eat to have a meal with you.
Cooking together may help as well, so you involve your toddler in helping where they can ie laying the table, helping to make pastry, cakes etc.
I hope this helps.

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