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Toddler tantrums

by Jo

My toddler 21 months is having major tantrums.
He lies on the floor and kicks and screams. It is so embarressing.
What should we do?

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Toddler Tantrums
by: parenting-our-kids

Hello Jo,
The most important thing is to know that a lot of children have tantrums at this age.
Try to stay calm and not get drawn into the tantrum.
If you said no to something before the tantrum stick to the no afterwards as well.
If you had been going out before the tantrum then go out afterwards when things are calm.
Try to make sure your toddler is not hungry or thisty or tired as any of these will make a child out of sorts.
If you like you could try a reward system for good behaviour whilst you make little fuss about bad behaviour.
Take care of yourself if you can so that you can manage these times calmly.
Pick your fights, decide what behaviour and rules are important to you as a family, let the rest go.
Watch for triggers and then try to avoid them.
Try distraction techniques before your child is at tantrum point.
I hope this is helpful. Your toddler will grow out of toddler tantrums so don't lose heart
Take care.

Toddler Tantrums
by: Sue

My little one has toddler tantrums too. I find what calms her down quickly is to just completely ignore her until she has calmed down.

This is really difficult especially if we are out.
I used to try to hold her while she had a tantrum but I found this made her a lot worse as she was fighting against me.

I also find she is worse on days when she is tired.

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