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Taking four year old triplets to Disney World HELP! All advice needed

by Rose Marie

I have traveled with my kids many times, but this is the first time we will attempt an amusement park with the three of them. We have already decided that we will stay at the park, in fact we have our reservations already for a villa, so we will be doing some of our own cooking etc.

I mainly need advice on the different parks, and what to expect. Right now the kids still naps and I was going to skip naps on these days.

Need help on what to pack?
really just need help and advice on everything

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Taking kids to Disney world
by: Anonymous

This site has been very helpful in our planning. We have taken our triplets to Disney World each year since they were born. They are now four and we are doing it again!

by: Anonymous

Check out this website which is all about disneyworld

They have some planning tips here.

I would check out some forums like this one as well

I would say plan well before you go. Decide which rides you will visit beore you go.
Choose which attractions you would most like to visit, don't try to do too much each day.

If you are staying in the park itself try going back to your place for a rest or down time in the afternoons.

I would be tempted to take along small water bottles that you can carry water or juice for the kids. This is what we do as young kids get thirsty often and buying drinks can get expensive.They will get very thirsty, especially if the weather is very hot.

As for packing I would take along a set of clothes for each of them for each day, And then a couple of extra sets as well.
Make sure you take any comfort objects your kids use.
Take along some quiet board games, coloring bits and books so the kids have some downtime stuff to do.

Talk the kids through the holiday,show them as much as you can on the internet before you go.

Include them in the decision making as much as you can.

More tips soon.

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