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Sony DSC-P72

by Gurcharan Singh

Sony DSC-P72 is a very good camera for kids. It is a camera containing many features and picture quality is also great.
It is about 3.1 mega pixel camera and gives the picture clarity like it is 8-9 mega pixel. Its a great digital camera.
it has many modes like night mode enables you to capture a picture at night or dark but it will give a clear picture like you capture the picture in day time. It has a automatic capture function too that gives the automatic capture of the picture to get a family picture or friends pictures.
This camera has many other functions like the negative mode and the sketch mode is also present in this camera. This camera is fully fit for the kids because kids always like the camera with great look and which contain much functions like this camera. The quality of Sony is always good. So its a good camera for kids. My kids have also this camera and its running very fine till we have bought it. So I prefer this camera for the kids.

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