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Printable Bible Quizzes for Kids
Printables for Kids

printable bible quizzes for kids

Check out these great printable Bible quizzes for kids. These are designed to get the kids thinking. You might need to give them a hint as they work through each of the quizzes.

General Bible Quiz

  • This Bible quiz has general questions on the Bible.
  • You may need to help your kids, help them to find the answers without you telling them what the answer is.
  • This printable quiz is another quiz that will test your kids general knowledge of the Bible.

Genesis Bible Quiz

  • Here is a Bible quiz about creation from Genesis.
  • Sit down with the kids and take turns reading a small portion each of Genesis, Chapter 1.
  • Then print off the quiz and get the kids to answer the questions.
  • Have fun.

Noah Bible Quiz

  • Read the Noah story with the kids then do this quiz.
  • An easy way to check what the kids remember
  • Try this Noah wordsearch as well. Here is the solution

Jonah Bible Quiz

  • Share the story of Jonah from Jonah chapter 1. Then complete this quiz.
  • 10 questions to see if your kids remember the story.

David and Goliath Bible Quiz

Gideon Bible Quiz

  • Read Judges 7 together and learn about Gideon.
  • Then try out this Gideon quiz.

More printable Bible quizzes for kids coming soon.

These printable games for kids are great to download for parties and family get togethers.

Try some trivia questions to get the children thinking.

Take a look at this Bible Trivia page

If you want to challenge those brains even more take a look at our crosswords for kids page

Here is a selection of word puzzles that you can print off and use.

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