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Parenting Tips

by Nicks

The best parenting tips I can give is to be consistent.
I have a two and a half year old daughter and I believe that children are soooo much smarter than most adults give them credit for. It’s not a use it occasionally piece of advice but something that should be done all of the time.
If you tell a child you’ll give them an ice cream cone for behaving in the store and they manage to do as they are told 60 % of the time then the reward should be given.
Otherwise the child will begin to mistrust what you say.

I use this type of consistency with my own child and have noticed that when asked to do something such as hold my hand to cross the street because it’s unsafe for her to do by herself she complies because of the level of trust that we have established.
Another example would be when we tell her it’s time for bed and she says she wants to play with X toy still, I tell her that she will be able to play with X toy first thing in the morning if she wants and she gets ready for bed without tantrums or whining because first thing the next morning after breakfast she’s given that toy. Hope this helps!

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