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Parenting Our Kids
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by Sara

My son has always been a little different but I found ways to mange his behaviour and calm him when needed. I just saw it as part of his personality, after all we all have our little quirks.
We managed quite well, stressed, exhausted but fine together.

Then in 2009 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, six weeks later severs disease which put him in a chair for five months then crutches. The doctors noticed his low mood and inability to deal with people, they refered him and he was diagnosed with aspergers and a severe anxiety disorder.
Now I am still getting used to this so I'm no expert. He can't sleep alone, he is worried about everything and anything, which means I don't watch news or read papers for fear of creating more anxiety. On a good day we get along with it, when other people Call it's harder.

Recently despite medication he has become anxious to the extreme, anxiety attacks if I try to leave him to go to work etc. The one thing that keeps me going is a book of things he has said or done in the past that make me giggle, ranging from telling a man in the library he would have to leave because he spoke and that's not allowed, to his obsession with certain foods not touching each other or waking me in the night to discuss the illuminartay (I haven't the foggiest who they are) or the conflict in garza.
All really serious but not normally everyones cup of tea having been ripped from their slumber.

Anyway what I wanted to say is even in torment and hard times my son brings me joy. These incidents are not amusing to him of cause, and I never laugh in front of him. But in my darker moments I read these things and think wow, he knows and thinks about things I didn't till I was
In my 20's, he is smart.
The humour comes from his concrete opinion on each matter, and his lack of fear in saying what he thinks, no matter how un pc. The honesty and simplicity and alternate understanding of situations, is a welcome and funny relief from a world that is very pc and where very few people say it how it is.
Sorry for my rant but I am trying to embrace the good in all this, don't think it's a cure but laughter is certainly the best medicine I have found. Xxx


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Mar 02, 2011
awesome dude
by: jakie chan

hey u must relly love youre son he sounds very nice

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