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New Baby Tips

by Jane

I am about to have my first baby, can you give me some tips please?
No one else in my family has a baby and I don't know anyone else with young children so I don't know much about children.

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New Baby Tips
by: parenting-our-kids

Talk to your partner before baby comes. Life will change with baby and you need to keep the lines of communication open.

Try to cook some meals to freeze before you have your baby for the first week or two after having your baby.
You will probably be quite tired as having a baby is hard work on the body, so take time out to reat as much as you can.
Don't worry about cleaning the house for a couple of weeks.
Accept offers of help if you get them.
Don't feel guilty for taking time out to rest.
Spend the time getting to know your baby.
Spending a lot of time with your baby now will help you to get to know his/her cries, wants and needs.

Sleep when your baby does at first, you will need the sleep as babies wake to feed through the night.
Put your baby down to sleep when drowsy, so that baby learns to sleep without being rocked or nursed. You may not mind doing this with a newborn, but a toddler who is still needing to be rocked to sleep is a different story.
Establish a bedtime routine in the first couple of months. Feed, bath and place baby in low lit bedroom to sleep.
Keep the bedroom dimly lit at night and stimulation low key.

Get dad involved in baby care so that he can bond with his child too.
Take lots of photos and video of baby as they grow up really quickly.
Enjoy your baby.
More new baby tips coming soon.

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