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Little Shots Digital Camera from Blue Hat

by Stephanie
(Austin, Texas)

Digital cameras for kids.

We purchased this camera for our daughter from Bed, Bath and Beyond for Christmas.
The original retail price was $30.00 but we also had the $10.00 off coupon that comes from their mailer, so we got it for $20.00! The price was one of the main reasons for purchase as it's half the price of the Kid Tough Digital Camera.

I don't know the exact child age range this camera is meant for but my daughter is 2 1/2 and able to use it with no problems. For the price we love it! She no longer asks to use our digital camera now that she has her own!

The buttons are large and easy to use and identify. She has no trouble with shutter button being on the front of the camera instead of the top. It will take pictures as well as video though there is no sound.
The pictures will come out blurry if the camera is shifted while taking pictures but when held still the shots aren't bad.
We can load them onto the computer with the USB cable and she loves to look at them as well as the video.

The LCD screen is really too samll to view pictures on the camera. It's a very tough camera and had withstood quite a few falls with no reprecussions. For the money I think it's defintely worth it! Stephanie

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