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Kids Snack Recipes
Fun Snacks for Kids

kids snack recipes

Here are some of our favorite kids snack recipes. Over the years we have enjoyed many types of fun healthy kids snacks.

We have tried to be adventuress to keep the kids interested in them.

Some of these fun snacks for kids can be made by the kids with help. Others they will be able to make themselves.

You will need to experiment and see what your children like the most.

If your child has allergies some of these recipes may not be suitable.

A good tip is to pre prepare a finishing school snack. This way your kids can eat as soon as they come in.

For our youngest daughter we had to make a snack and drink and take to school at pick up time.

She just couldn't wait until we got home to be refueled. Here you will find a kids snack recipes which you will find really useful
Snack Recipes - Fruity Snack

You will need:1 apple, 1 banana, grapes, 1 orange,

Chop apple into pieces

Slice banana

Cut around 5 or 6 grapes in half.

Peel and segment orange and cut into small pieces.

Put into bowls. If you have one child, place leftover fruit into a sealed container with orange juice to cover.

Snack Recipes - Cheese, Pepperoni and Apple

You will need:1oz hard cheese, 1 small pepperoni, 1/2 apple

Cut cheese into small cubes

Slice pepperoni

Chop apple into cubes.

Put all into small bowl for a snack.

Pitta Bread for Kids Snack Recipes Serves 2 small kids

What you will need: 1 Pitta Bread, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato

Grill pitta bread and allow to cool.

Open it and add cream cheese.

Slice tomatoes and cucumber and add to pitta bread.

Slice pitta bread into four pieces

Serve with milk or fresh orange juice.
Snack Recipes - Pitta Bread Snack Serves 2 small kids

You will need: 1 Pitta bread, humus, cucumber,

Grill pitta bread, allow to cool.

Split open, add humus and sliced cucumber.

Slice pitta into four pieces.


More Kids snack recipes

Snack Recipes - Celery Stick Snack

You will need: 1 celery stick, cream cheese, raisins

Wash celery stick.

Take cream cheese and spread along center of celery stick.

Scatter raisins along cream cheese.
Snack Recipes - Snack on a Stick

You will need: tomato, banana, strawberry, mango, kiwi fruit, prezel stick

Take pretzel stick and gently push on fruit.


As alternatives: use a straw as a skewer, do savoury snacks.
Snack Recipes - Lettuce sandwich

You will need:lettuce, cream cheese, peppers (red, orange or yellow), sliced ham

Carefully peel a lettuce leaf from the lettuce.(perhaps from your garden)


Spread with cream cheese.

Add sliced peppers and ham.

Roll up and eat.

Snack Recipes - Cereal treats for Kids Snack Recipes

You will need:1 cup whole grain cereals, 1/4 cup dried fruit mix

Serves 2 small kids.

Mix together in a bowl and serve

Snack Recipes - Bagel Pizzas

You will need:1 bagel, tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, peppers, onion, tomatoes and herbs from your garden.

Serves 2 small kids.

Set oven to low, 150oC.

Cut bagel in half.

Spread with tomato sauce.

Chop toppings into small pieces and add to bagel.

Grate mozarella cheese and sprinkle over top of bagel.

Sprinkle over a few chopped leaves of herbs.

Put in oven for around 5 mins until cheese is bubbling.

Yes; even more kids snack recipes

Snack Recipes - Veggie or Fruit Dips

You will need: Pieces of raw vegetables (eg. broccoli, carrots, peppers, cauliflour,)fruit pieces, low fat yogurt, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, honey

Serves 2 small kids.

Wash and cut vegetables into pieces and strips.

Make a dip of mayonnaise with a teaspoon of tomato sauce.

For a sweet version.

Wash and chop fruits

Make a dip of low fat yoghurt with a teaspoon honey.

Snack Recipes - Vegetable crisps for Kids Snack Recipes

You will need:Parsnip, beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, celariac, olive oil

Thinly slice vegetables. Place into baking tray and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake in oven on medium heat until crispy.

Snack Recipes - Roll ups

You will need:For wraps: sliced ham or chicken or lettuce or floured tortillas. For filling: hummus, cream cheese, peppers tomatoes, beets, onions.

Choose a wrap then spread with cheese or hummus.

Add chopped peppers, tomatoes, beets.

Roll tightly and eat.
Snack Recipes - Easy Nachos

You will need:Tortilla chips, cheddar cheese.

Place tortillas on microwave safe plate. Grate cheddar cheese. sprinkle cheddar cheese over tortilla chips.

Microwave for about 30 seconds until cheese has melted.

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