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Making Pizza

I Can Make My Own Pizza Ingredients:
English Muffins, split, un-toasted; Shredded Mozzarella Cheese; Pizza sauce; Pepperoni; Sliced Mushrooms; Sliced, quartered Tomatoes (Roma work well); Thinly sliced bell peppers, (the new colorful ones are fun);
Any other fresh veggies your little one likes (El dente).
Lay out your ingredients buffet style on the kitchen table, preheat oven to 350 degrees.

On a cookie sheet, spread a small amount of pizza sauce on the muffins, but be careful of the amount you use, this sauce is strong.
Let your little one assemble their pizza with the above ingredients, be careful not to let them stack the pizza too high, that will inhibit the cooking and make for an unstable pizza.
Place the cookie sheet with the pizzas in the oven and bake until until cheese is melted.
You can also grill these for a more toasty, crunchy texture.
Serve with a smile! Your little one will love making their own pizza, and even adults will enjoy this recipe. And there is very little mess to clean up afterward

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Bagel Pizzas

Kids love pizzas! The great thing about pizzas is you can make it healthy.
Pizza is a great finger foods for your toddler all way to the teens.
Pizzas are great for snacks and as main meals Be adventurous with your toppings, laying out choices for the toppings in bowls and allowing the kids to pick their own is the best way.

You may be surprised at the choices the kids make This is the easy way I have found to make Bagel Pizza Recipes for Kids!

You will need: knife, baking tray, aprons. Ingredients: 1 standard-sized bagel, cut in half Tomato sauce Grated mozzarella cheese Red pepper chopped finely Orange pepper sliced finely Oregano Basil sweetcorn
Preheat oven kids can spread tomato sauce onto each half bagel
Kids can add other toppings and finally the cheese Kids should place bagel on baking sheet Put in oven until cheese is bubbling
Eat and enjoy

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