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Kids making money

My son has been in charge of trash duty in our household since he was in first grade. he is required to empty cans when needed, take trash recepticles to the curb once a week for pick up and return the recepticles to the house after they have been emptied.
He gets $5/week. my daughter is on dishwasher duty. Her job includes emptying the dishwasher every day when the machine has clean dishes and loading it with dirty dishes if any are in the sink. she earns $5/week.
We also will from time to time offer twenty-five cents to one or two dollars for different tasks around the house at random. some of these would be dusting furniture, vaccuuming, cleaning out the interrior of vehicles.

As an incentive to save their money I also offer to match any amount they put in their savings accounts. they understand that they cannot withdraw any cash from the accounts until they are sixteen at which time they can use the money to buy a car. this also includes money recieved as a gift on birthdays and holidays.

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kids making money - ideas

My friends and I tried a number of ways to make money in our teens, especially before we were legally able to work.
Several things we did included:

1. Forget drive up lemonade stands. Get permission for a drive up car wash. Get a house along a major thorough fare with your friends, put up a sign, and ask for $3 or $5. The only cost is water, soap, and the effort. Just make certain you don’t do it near a major business where they do charity carwashes.

2. When someone has a table at a convention to sell items, they do not want to leave the table unattended while they go to presentations, to get lunch, or even the bathroom.
If you know someone attending a trade show or convention, offer to assist in sales. It could be supervising the sale of low end, high volume merchandise. It could be handing out business cards and fliers. Offer to work for an hourly rate or on commission.

3. Babysitting at peak demand periods brings in spectacular rates. Spend the night at someone’s home and watch their children while they go off to enjoy New Year’s Eve. You’re there until the parents come back even if it is early in the morning, and the parents know that there children are not unattended.
Since the younger kids go to bed between 7 and 9 PM, you basically can stay up late or even sleep on the couch yourself, and thus get paid $50 or more for a low stress evening

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Kids making money

As a child I was encouraged to do things around the house and for neighbors and friends to make money. One of my first jobs was in fact baby sitting for the neighbors small children every day after school.
I was encouraged to save my money for family vacations and things that I wanted out of the ordinary. I did some other odd jobs as well.

I lived close to a nursery and would help them during the busy seasons, re potting plants, organization of the different sheds and helping customers.

My brother did jobs as well, he would cut fire wood, walk dogs, dog sitting and cut grass. Like my parents
I plan on encouraging my children to work to earn money for the extra things that they want. I do have the means to give them their wants, however I do not intend to give them everything they ask for. They need to learn the value of a dollar and that you will not be handed everything in life

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