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Kids Making Money

by Sarah
(Brandon Mississippi)

As a child I had a list of things I could do around the house that were not my normal chores, if I did these things I could make money for anything that I needed.
IN addition I did a lot of baby sitting. My children have yet to reach the age that they can baby sit but are getting to where they are always asking for new toys, something different etc or just a trip to McDonalds. I want to teach them the value of Money and would like to start now.

I am thinking that I will implement what my parents did with me, they can do extra chores for money, as we do not pay the kids to do chores. Do any of you have any other ideas on things I can do to help the children earn some money. They are six and eight years old.

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Kids Making Money
by: Sue

I have always encouraged my children to earn their income . Initially by doing chores at home in exchange for pocket money and later as they were old enough outside the home . I myself was brought up to earn my own money and feel that it gave me a head start in life .
Two of my boys stated up their own car cleaning operation in our local area with only a squeegee and a couple of shammy leathers and buckets . Another is a car boot sale fan and at the tender age of fourteen is a common sight at our local auction house where he purchases job lots which he sorts and lists on e-bay , the residue he sells at car boot sales .
Our neighbors always know where to come when they need a dog walked , a lawn mowed or babysitting done . We are lucky as living in a rural area there is always fruit picking in the summer , to be done after they have finished their paper rounds .
My youngest even amazed me with his ingenuity when , on his way home he picked a large quantity of wild blackberries which he sold from a table outside our house that evening , the remainder he put into our local produce auction the following day

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