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Kids Birthday Party Food
Kids Party Food

In this article you will find ideas for kids birthday party food. Kids party food theme ideas, just take the ideas and add to a party theme of your choice.

Pink kids birthday party food

  • Pink wafers
  • Tuna and mayonnaise with a small spoonful of ketchup to make it pink.
  • Top small cheese biscuits with the tuna
  • Pink marshmallows
  • Party rings (biscuits)
  • Strawberry milkshake and pink lemonade
  • Pink candyfloss
  • Milk strawberry jelly
  • Pink fairy cakes
  • Make some bread for sandwiches using a couple drops red food coloring
  • Make pink cookies by adding red food coloring to cookie mixture

Farm theme kids birthday party food

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Use labels with the food to add extra fun It's surprising what kids will eat when the food has a fun name.

  • Sandwiches cut with animal shape cookie cutters
  • Gummy worms
  • Pasta (hay)
  • Animal crackers
  • Twiglets
  • Chicken wings
  • Pigs in blankets (sausages wrapped in bacon)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Potato salad
  • Grated cheese (haystack)
  • Chocolate covered raisins (serve as bugs)
  • Use candy corn and chex mix to make "chicken feed"
  • Make mud puddings using chocolate pudding mix, top with crushed Oreos and add gummy worms.
  • Vegetable platter
  • Fruit bowl birthday party food

  • Use pasta wheel shapes and do macaroni cheese
  • Have the kids build their own pizza toppings
  • Build your own sandwiches (cut bread into squares and put out bowls of sliced cheese, ham, tomato slices, cucumber slices, can then build their own sandwich)
  • Put out crackers and have kids cement them together with cream cheese, peanut butter, hummus etc.
  • Hot dogs
  • Twiglets or pretzel sticks make good logs
  • Fruit kebobs to construct on a wooden skewer, have a chocolate dip for dipping
  • Chocolate brownies as bricks
  • Chocolate pudding as mud pies
  • Chocolate donuts are great as tractor or dump truck tyres
  • Ice cream cones that the kids can add toppings to (raisins, nuts, chocolate chips, hundreds and thousands, chocolate sauce etc.)

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If you want an easier alternative to the above then why not serve food in brown lunch bags. You can put in cartons of fruit juice, an apple, crisps and a sandwich.

Ocean theme kids birthday party food

  • Tuna fish sandwiches, cut into fish shapes
  • Pasta shells
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Blue jelly, make up, partially set jelly then add gummy fish, finish setting then add whipped cream.
  • Submarines (bread rolls, with toppings)let the kids make up their own
  • Fruit salad, add a few drops blue food coloring to the juice to make it blue
  • Prawns with a dip
  • Crab sticks
  • Fish n chips
  • Fishcakes n fries

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