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how much time should I be spending with my three year old daughter on a day to day basis?

by Tara
(Braham,MN US)

I feel so guilty everyday when I dont play with my daughter when she asks me too. since she was born I have always been right there by herside to comfort her play, with her, and entertain her but now she is getting older and it took a toll on me. I never took any time out for myself everywhere I went she went with. when I would take a bath she took a bath, when Im in the bathroom she is in there with me sometimes she even wants to sit on my lap as Im using the toilet. I feel like it started to put a strain on all my relationships even mine and hers so I've pulled back alittle cause she is starting preschool in two days and I want her to have alittle independence without me, but now I feel extremely guilty when Im not entertaining her I feel like Im a neglectful mom and its eating away at me. I need help everyone has told me that Im not a bad mom and that this is good for her but my heart tells me different and I feel like ever since I pulled back alittle our bond hasnt been as strong. Did I pull back too much? I find myself asking that question everyday. I just dont know whats right or wrong when it comes to this. I need some advice cause I cant keep feeling the way I did or the way I feel now. Thankyou so much for your time, Tara

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by: parenting-our-kids

I'm so sorry to hear of your difficulties. It is heart wrenching to see our little ones upset.
The best way to go forwards with this would be to gently withdraw a little at a time.
set goals, so for instance suggest to your little one an activity, start her doing this then explain that you are going to sit and read a book in the same room for 5 minutes.
You can keep talking to your daughter ever now and then.
After a couple of times withdraw further away, say make a cup of tea in the kitchen. If she needs it call to her whilst you are gone.
Ask a little friend over to visit and let them play together.
It is normal for little ones of this age to want to be with an adult you just need to be clearer about boundaries and talk to her.
say mom needs to use the toilet you can sit outside and talk to me or you can stay here and play(if you are at home).
Try this and let us know how you get on.

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