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So, it's your childs birthday and you want birthday party games for kids to keep the party going.

There is nothing worse than bored kids at a birthday party, they will tend to get up to mischief.

Try some of these fun games that will keep your party guests happy.

We try to get the kids involved with preperation as much as possible as they get older.

This way the party becomes their own.

The secret to a successful party is to be organised well in advance and to have everything for the party at hand.

This way you don't have to leave the kids to go hunting for supplies at crucial moments.

Allocate another parent to take photographs.

Most important thing to remember is to have fun!

Create happy memories.

Enjoy these birthday party games for kids.
Here you will find a collection of birthday party games for kids
which you will find really useful

Design a Biscuit

You will need to start: Plain biscuits (rich tea, gingerbread biscuits), ready to use icing in tubes, then cake decorations (hundreds and thousands, silver balls etc.)

Place enough items in the middle of a table for each child to decorate one biscuit.

Then gather kids around the table.

Tell them they can design the biscuit any way they want using items in the table.

Variations: They can design face of bithday kid on their biscuit.

Have a race.

Best design wins. Kids can either eat biscuits or take them home.
Bottom spelling

What you need: Kids

Make a list of kids TV favorites before party begins.

Either split kids into teams or have one group if small.

Get one kid to come to you.

Whisper the name of the TV favorite you want them to spell out.

Kids go back to the group.

With their back to the group the kids use their bottoms to spell out name.

Other kids need to guess what it is.

If you have teams have small prize for winners.

Variations: Have themed spelling ie. birthday them (cake, card, present, candle etc.) Use fruits as a theme or colors.
Paper Airplane Races

What you will need: Sheets of A4 paper, Kids

Get kids to make paper airplanes.

If kids are unable get adult help.

Get kids to fly airplanes.

Kid with airplane that goes furthes wins.

Variations.this can be extended by decorating planes and naming them.

Paper Party Hats For older Kids

You will need: Newspaper Sheets, cellotape decorations if you choose(feathers, pipe cleaners etc.)

Get kids to make their own hats.

They can use on sheet of newspaper and the cellotape to make their design.

Get kids to decorate them if you wish.

Get kids to put them on.

Take photos

More Birthday Party Games for kids

Newspaper Squash

You will need: 2 or more teams of kids, 1 sheet of newspaper per team

Get kids into teams.

Lay a sheet of paper on floor per team, space them out so each eam can get to paper.

Each team must stand on paper when you say go.

No part of foot allowed off paper.

Next; get teams off pare and fold each sheet in half.

Teams to stand on paper again.

Repeat instructions.

Winner is team standing on smallest sheet of newspaper.
Keys Game

You will need: Keyring of keys, chair, blindfold, kids

Get kids into a wide circle around chair.

Put keys under chair.

Choose a kid to be it.

They sit on chair.

Blindfold kid.

Point to another kid who should try to get the keys without kid on chair hearing them.

Kid on chair will need to point in direction of child taking keys if he/she hears them.

If kid taking keys is heard they are out.

If key taking is successful kid who took them should hide them on his/her person.

Kid on chair the takes off blindfold and guesses who has keys.

If kid in middle is correct kid with keys takes their place.

If not kids can swap anyway.
Party Bag Treasure Hunt

You will need: individually wrapper sweets, 1 small party bag toy for each child, 1 balloon( not inflated for each child)

Before party begins hide these items in a room or rooms or outside.

Near end of party get kids to hunt for party bag contents that they should bring to you.

Add items to party bags.

What Am I Game

What you will need: picture of items: fruit vegetables, plants, TV characters. kids

Tape pictures on back of each kid.

They must ask questions of the other kids to find out who they are.

Relay Games

What you need: Kids Items such as, bean bags, buckets of water, hard boiled eggs and spoons, hoops

Always great fun, if you have a big garden or driveway even better.

Just get a starting and end point.

Maybe put out some obstacles along the way.

Put kids into teams.

Kids run up and down course.

For example kids must put beanbags on their heads and run to other end of course.

Beanbag must stay on the head (no holding)

Or kids can carry empty bucket to an outsied tap, fill it and carry it back to start.

Clothes Race

What you need: selection of adult clothes and shoes, ties,et. Kids

Put kids into two teams.

Place an equel pile of clothes for each team.

They must dress one team member in as many of the clothes that they can.

Have a time limit.

Team with most clothes on the team member wins.

Coming soon more birthday party games for kids:

Scavenger hunt.

Themed party games.

Parachute games.

Garden birthday party games for kids

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Check back often as we put up more birthday party games for kids.

We will add some themed party games.




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Be well organised.

Then relax and enjoy the party.

Take pictures or allocate someone else this responsibility.

Remember it does't have to cost lots of money.

Involve the kids in preperations


Shop around.

Check out the internet and ebay for better prices.

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