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Autumn Blues Story

by ruby

Trisha and I went to Nicky's house on a saturday afternoon. It was the start of october and the weather was just beginning to cool down. Autum was taking over from summer and the days were getting shorter. I noticed Nicky was not her usual self and I asked her what was wrong. Oh it's mothing she replied still looking a little down. It's just that I always get sad when summer is over.
I love all the picnics, the trips to the beach and playing tennis, but Nicky squealled. Trisha said autumn can be great too. yes I added it's a lovely time of year.
I tell you what girls why don't we have a little autumn party tonight. Trisha and i will show you how fun this season can be. That is a great idea Barbie said Trisha. first things first, autumn clothes. we raided Nicky's wardrobe for warmer autumn outfits and we found some fabulous clothes. One of the best things about autum is that you can mix and match more said Trisha. You can use scarves hats gloves and cosy coats she said trying Nicky's stuff on. It was fun seeing how many autumn outfits we could put together. This is giving me lots of ideas said Nicky who was already lookingmore cheeful.
Next we prepared someautumn snacks.
Nicky had a apple tree in her garden, but she had never made anything with the apples that fell each autumn. Trisha and I treated her to an apple pie cooked in the oven. We all sat down and came up with a list of our favorite autumn songs. There are plenty of summer songs I said so there must be tunes that make us think of the shorter days, falling leaves and autumn colors.
Trisha put together a cd, we sat down and ate the pie with some gorgeous vanilla icecream and listened to the autumn cd. Nicky was smiling so much she seemed to have completly forgotten her autumn blues. We went for a little walk around nicky's block. The moon was shining brightly and it was a bit chilly but we all felt very warm wrapped up in in our warm autumn clothes and filled up with the tasty pie.
Ok girls said Nicky maybe I was a bit moody before. Autumn definatly has lots of good points.
Thanks so much for today it's been great fun, see you tomorrow for another big day.
Oh by the way I made your cd. tomorrow guys why don't we all go to the cinema, yes said Trisha what do you want to watch. I don't know how about we have a meeting in my house tomorrow at 9 oclock in the morning so we can decide what to watch at the cinema.
What a good idea said nicky and after we could go to the fair and after the fair we canhave a make up party with fizzy drinks and sweets and pancakes.
i cant wait until tomorrow it's so exciting.
Goodbye Nicky, Goodbye Trisha.

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